Observatoire du Carve Out 2021


Marc Fontaine

Founder & CEO at InDHu - CDO at Airbus 2016-2020


Marc is passionate about bringing the benefits of Digital Transformation to Industry, in runtime operations or in disrupted or restructuring contexts. Marc has led the Digital Transformation Programme at Airbus where he successfully deployed technologies and processes that allowed the Group to become more agile, efficient and digitally articulate. He also enjoyed a healthy number of failures along the way, learning very valuable lessons for a successful digital transformation. Marc deployed several digital platforms for the Airbus business to consume, including Google Suite to 165K users, Cloud migration, DDMS (Digital Twin), AI, IoT, Cybersecurity and much more. He created Skywise, the most advanced B2B industrial platform in any industry to date. Today, Skywise allows more than 140 Aerospace companies to collaborate and work together. This ecosystem has connected more than 9,500 commercial aircraft, 500 IT systems and 18000 global users. Marc has extensive experience in business including Airbus General Secretary, a member of the Group’s Executive Committee and CEO and member of the Board of Directors of several of its subsidiaries.

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